Burn Pile = Craft Stash

Living on The Farm has fantastic benefits that some people might over look…such as burn pile treasures.  Our burn pile is constantly heaping with all sorts of wood from grain pallets to old boards and wire spools.  For the crafty crafter (and frugal momma) this is the best place to get ‘supplies’ for crafting.  I feel spoiled every time I take Evan for a walk and come back with a stroller loaded down with old wood (strollers make excellent carts!).  I’m pretty sure JJ cringes when he see’s me toting garbage back up to our house to store for later projects, but -hey- he married me knowing my craft habits. 😉

The most abundant thing in our burn pile is random, old wood.  I have no idea where it comes from (our burn pile is open to a plethora of people), but I’m happy for it.  I like to make old looking signs with these otherwise useless boards (credit given here to Funky Junk Interiors. Awesome craft-inspiring blog if you haven’t checked it out.).  It’s such an easy, great craft and the only supplies you need are:

  • old wood
  • paint (I use 3 colors for this project – pick some contrasting ones so your hard work stands out)
  • paint brushes
  • sandpaper

Here are the boards I found today.  Lovely, yes? I love old things like this…it’s fun to think where they might have been before landing in my craft pile!

I cut them down and cleaned the edges up.  These signs look the best when you find boards that don’t need to be cut – the weathered look on the ends is super cool, but if you do need to cut the boards down it’s not a huge deal. No such thing as a perfect way to make these! Paint on the first color, but not too thick.  Leave some of the wood showing through if you can.  If you find your craft paint it pretty thick, dilute it with a tiny bit of water so it goes on without looking so cakey.

After the first layer is dry, repeat the process with the second color.  Again, not to thick and don’t completely cover the wood.  Let it dry completely.

At this point, take a rough sand paper and scratch the paint up.  Don’t be afraid to really go to town on various areas until you get down to the wood itself…looks more rustic!

Then, using your best, most craziest, fun handwriting, paint on your verbage on the front.  However you please!  Unique, uneven and unusual = perfection!

Allow the lettering to dry completely and repeat the process with sandpaper.  Then, BOOM, you have a wonderful sign for the interior of your home, barn, shop, wherever!  You could also sub in some stenciled letters if that suits your fancy.Now you have a fun sign! And now my husband knows his supper options. 😉

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