The Lovely Spices

The weekends can be such wonderful unproductive things.   Especially in the fall when the weather is too tempting to spend the days inside, slaving away at my endless organization and cleaning endeavors.  Evan and I usually get a few extra hours with JJ, which we like to spend doing some serious gravel traveling, checking out the local crops and spying houses and farms for sale.  However, yesterday I managed to knock out a few things on my swelling ‘to do’ list.

I was without computer since our trusty, rusty dinosaur of a laptop was in the shop (if you could see the brick I’m typing on you would laugh..but, hey, a new one just isn’t in the budget).  And, what is one to do when faced with a whole day of no internet?  I hit the ground running at 6:00 am, of course!  And since I promised updates of my attack on our home’s lack of organization. I am now unveiling my successful triumph on one of our kitchen cabinets…the spice cabinet!

I love spices…who doesn’t love spices? Even though I always end up cooking with the same handful of usual suspects most of the time, it’s nice to know I have plenty of coriander seed, should a recipe call for it. 😉  This was the wreck I began with.

A little daunting, no?  The grossest part of the ordeal? Pulling out all the spices and wiping down the shelves.  With 12 foot ceilings, the top shelf is rarely used…which explains why there was a lovely family of little black bugs living in a forgotten bag of mystery spice.  Don’t worry…no bug photos.  Don’t want you to lose your lunch.  But you can definitely tell that this place has been used and abused by many and taken care of by few (if any).  By the way -words of wisdom here- white kitchens are awful ideas.

But it call came together nicely in the end!  You may not be able to see a huge difference, but -trust me- it’s there.

It’s so nice to know that I can a.) locate things easily and b.) not have to wonder what is living in the spice cabinet anymore.  It’s only a small triumph, but a definite step towards having our home under control.  Literally, every drawer, cabinet and closet needs some love like this cabinet received.  Now I just need to make myself do it!  Anybody know a good website that sells home organization products that are reasonably priced?  I’m shopping…

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