Baby Room Improvements

When we had Evan, I kept telling myself we were going to move out any day.  I thought we’d magically have enough money to buy something of our own and (more impossibly) find a way for JJ to do his job without living at the farm, which enables him to be here 24/7.  We haphazardly threw all the nursery items into the massive room we planned to use for Evan’s nursery, along with our old desk, 2 spare dressers and all of our crap that we don’t access on a regular basis.  I was positive it would be short-term (clearly in denial).

8 months later, I am in full realization that I need to seize the moment (or seize the room) and let my creative juices flow!  The idea of being here for a while is growing on me and I’ve realized I need to quit living my life for the future and start living it for today (and I’m bursting with creative ideas that I can’t hold in any longer).

This is our home.  We may not own it, but it is our family that has made it a home and I’m going to start treating it like one.

I am attempting to make Evan’s room the coolest “farm baby” room around.  Like every other room at The Farm, it was painted when the room was built and has spent 12 years as the most drab shade of beige/white ever.  Dozens of people moving in and out over the years, only here for a few months before moving on…no attention paid to decorating or making things nice (or cleaning for that matter).  Alas, I am changing things…I have to before I go crazy wishing for my own walls to paint.

*Side note* Our crappy camera broke so I am reduced to taking photos on my cell phone.  Sorry for the quality….a Nikon D40 (or better) is the first thing on my Christmas list.

As previously mentioned, Evan’s room is massive.  12 foot ceilings, 16 ft wide by 25 feet long (the original floor plan of the farm had 2 master bedrooms).  I would love to paint the whole room, but I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew, so I picked two walls to pop with an accent color.  I chose a dark leathery brown color…turned out much prettier than I had hoped and (I swear) having paint on a couple of the walls actually improved echoey, drafty feeling that the room used to have.

Besides paint, the other area of Evan’s room that I felt needed a creative touch was a toy area. I wanted a designated area to chuck his toys into where they look like they belong.  To create this area, I bought two pieces of vinyl lattice from Lowes.  I had to have JJ trim them down to the right size (they come in 8×4 sheets and Lowes will not cut vinyl for you).  Other than schlepping them up the stairs, it was as easy as one-two-three.  I put a few nails in them and, boom, instant kid friendly fence line.

The other small decorations that we have in the room are also DIY projects.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I hate spending money on things I can make myself…and I love crafts.  I purchased this shelf from a Michael’s craft store for $9 and painted it in one afternoon (Yes…I used actual John Deere tractor paint, but craft paint would work just fine).

These two paintings were gifts from my youngest sister, Katie.  She’s amazing and did them free hand.  I’d tell you that she makes them available for sale, but she’s currently preparing to head out for a Peace Corps mission and, unfortunately, I don’t think painting supplies are on her packing list.

The larger painting between the two windows I did myself.  I had Brian, one of the young men who works with JJ, blow up and trace the cartoon onto the canvas using a tool he has in his painting supplies (I wish I knew what this tool was called or how it worked, but whatever it is, I want one).  Then, it was a simple paint job with craft paint!  So fun!

And, because it took forever to hang (before Evan was in the picture) and because we like it, we have a buck hanging above the rocking chair.  Hunting is a part of our way of life, so why not incorporate it for our little guy’s room?There is still a lot of space to fill.  With the awkward height of the windows, I’m having a hard time figuring out window hangings to cover them.  And then there is a ton of wall space that needs some fun decor…any ideas?  How do you decorate for such high ceilings??  My mission continues….

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