Hershey’s Kiss Wine Bottle

Admittedly, I’ve been horrible about writing lately.  Although the mood has struck me a time or two, I’ve been so excited to get neck-deep into Christmas crafting, that I didn’t stop to take pictures, document or share the fun things going on around here.  Part of this lull in writing can be attributed to my lack of camera (pics in this posting taken with my HTC EVO…again).  Something about bad photos really ruins blogging for me. 😦  (Santa take note: a modest SLR would be nice…I’ve been very good this year).

Alas, I am here now, sharing a fun and simple way to give a holiday gift.  My mom used to make these Hershey’s Kiss covered wine bottles as gifts for people hosting holiday parties, neighbors or good friends.  Occasionally, she’d forget to give it away and we were allowed to eat the chocolate around the outside…when we got old enough, we drank the wine, too.  Who doesn’t love wine and chocolate??  Here is the list of needed supplies:

1 bottle of wine (2 if you’re planning on drinking wine while crafting)

3 packages of Hershey’s Kisses

Glue gun and glue sticks


Pick Hershey’s Kisses in any flavor you want.  I used the Mint Truffle flavor and regular milk chocolate so my bottle would be green with silver.  I also bought a bag of Candy Cane Kisses for snacking….I have my priorities.  1 regular sized wine bottle will take about 2 1/2 regular sized bags of Kisses.

Heat up your glue gun and dump out the Kisses for easy access (and snacking).  Beginning at the bottom of the wine bottle, add a small dab of hot glue to the back of a Kiss and attach it to the bottle.  Using whatever color pattern you desire, continue gluing Kisses on the bottle.  Once the bottom layer is done, move to the second layer, staggering the subsequent layers in-between each previous row (don’t stack them directly).  Work your way up the bottle.

Continue up the bottle until you reach the bottom of the neck.  You’ll want to leave a couple of inches of the bottle sticking out so you have a way to lift the bottle.  This also gives you a place to tie so pretty Christmas ribbon.

It sounds tedious, but I rocked this one out in about 30 minutes….with a 9 month old terrorizing the Christmas tree/fireplace/dog bowls and distracting me.  Had he been napping, it wouldn’t have taken quite so long.

Happy Crafting! (P.S.  See what I mean about cruddy photography making blogs not as appealing?  This wine bottle looks so much more fun and vibrant when not photographed with a cell phone…)

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