Guest Room Makeover

As I mentioned in a previous post a while back, I’m trying to turn this house into a home.  One room at a time, I’m freshening things up, cleaning, decorating and organizing.  It has, almost literally, never been done before.  My latest project has been a small room at the very end of the hallway, which is normally only used for a few months in the summer when the polo players are here.  Luis is the tenant of this room during that time (a very sweet gentleman from the Dominican Republic),  so I decided that upon sprucing up this room, I’d give it a Dominican theme so it’d be more exciting for him when he’s here.  It will also be a nice place for in-laws and friends to stay while in town for holiday visits.

The room started as a blank canvas.  The most bland, horrible shade of beige was used to paint all the walls several years ago when the room was added on.  It hasn’t been touched since.  And, lordy, did it need it.  These pics were taken just before I painted (obviously).  As person with a colorful personality, this room just didn’t do it for me.

So, I painted, I decorated with a few pieces we already had and I supplemented with some crafting.  We are on such a shoestring budget…shopping for any decor just wasn’t in the picture.

The two paintings are actually from the Dominican Republic.  If you ever visit the island (and you should) people sell these colorful paintings on just about every corner.  I absolutely love the bright colors and tropical scenes.

To take up some wall space, I painted “Bienvenido” (or “Welcome” in Spanish) on a board from the burn pile and added some fun stencil designs. 

I used the same tree stencil on some canvas planks (3 for $2.99 at Michael’s) and framed it with an old empty picture frame, painted green.

This poster was in the room previously.  I like it for the fun colors, but also the Des Moines mention.

I’m babysitting this plant for my mother for the winter.  I figured this was a great spot for it (can you tell yet that I’m grasping for free decor?).

The pictures were given to me by my sisters.  I felt they had a beachy/Caribbean feel to them, so they got added to the room.  Ironically, one was taken in Maine and the other in Pennsylvania. 

I made this serving tray a while back when I was really into making glass mosaic pieces (not so easy to do anymore with a 10 month old…wish I could).I’m pretty pleased with how this room looks.  Pleased enough to leave it alone, I guess.  I’d like to put a chair and a rug in before Luis gets back in the spring.  It needs curtains, too, but I’m not handy enough with a sewing machine (yet) to make some for this awkward window size.   Now for the next project….

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