Memory Box

At the end of every year we are faced with many huge messes (even more so now that we have a child receiving crazy amounts of gifts and cards).  I am somewhat of a sentimental person and just can’t bring myself to throw away the piles of Birthday cards (my husband and I both celebrate near-Christmas birthdays), Christmas cards, first Father’s Day/Mother’s Day card, and so on.  The result is that I have piles of cards from who-knows-when lying around, along with various photos that I’ve had printed for some reason or another.  This is just a small pile that we’ve accumulated over the past few weeks (let alone past year).

My solution: a yearly memory box that will allow me to save trinkets, photos and cards in an organized fashion.  Why didn’t I think of this easy idea before?  Here’s what I started with:

1 shoe box

Scrapbook paper


Glue Stick


Of course, you can add things and embellish however you desire (hot glue ribbon or twine to the seams/corners of the box, add rhinestones or jewels, etc), but these are the basic things I used for my first, simple memory box.  You get the point.  Your’s will probably be much cooler than this one. 😉

Start by tracing the sides of your shoe box onto the scrapbook paper.

Cut the pieces out and glue them to the corresponding sides. 

 I used different patterned paper to hide the seams that didn’t match up.

Find a fun way to display what year the box of memories represents.  I also suggest stickers, stencils or printing out the year in a neat font from your computer.

Easy, cheap craft that helps you organize away your special moments.  I am going to start my 2012 box now, so I can quickly store cards and such from the upcoming year instead of piling them as clutter around the house for months on end (yes, I admittedly have too much clutter…and only myself to blame!).  I am really looking forward to the future when Evan is older and we can pull down the box from the year he was born, flip through the pictures and cards from his actual birth day, first christmas, etc.  Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

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