Farm Shots

It has been strangely warm so far this winter.  Typically, Iowa winters are freezing cold, windy and snow packed…enjoyable and beautiful in their own way, if you like that kind of thing.  But lately, it has been unseasonably warm outside…warm enough that there isn’t any frost in the ground and it’s already January 4th.  I’m hoping for a huge blizzard soon, not only because we need the moisture for productive crops next year, but also because I want to take Evan sledding and let him play in the snow.  But, being that my glass is generally half full, I’m seizing the beautiful temperatures and sunny days. I headed out to play with my new Cannon Rebel the other day.  I’m still learning to use it, but it’s a fun process.  Thought I would share some shots with you all.


Hopefully some pictures of snow next!!! 🙂



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