Christmas Card Hoarder

Hi. My name is Jenny and I can’t throw away anything sentimental.  It’s a terrible problem…one I must learn to deal with before Evan is old enough to doodle and color pictures.  Otherwise, I’m in for a world of clutter and paper scraps.  I guess the good news is that I’ll never have to clean the outside of my fridge again because it will be continuously covered in art.

But, anywho, since I can’t bring myself to throw things away, I am forcing myself to organize them.  Taking my Memory Boxes one step further, I decided to make a yearly Christmas card box.  Holiday cards are such neat snapshots of families as they grow and change…I love comparing them year after year.  Having a pile of holiday cards is like having a loose-leaf yearbook of our friends and family.  This post-Christmas craft is super simple, and it makes me feel organized, which is becoming increasingly difficult as time goes by.

I’ll save you the step-by-step process of this craft…it’s hardly a craft.  I just took an empty box with a lid and wrapped the top and bottom (separately) in wrapping paper, labeled the box “2011” and, boom…I’ve satisfied my need to hoard memories and organized at the same time!. Hope you find this trick useful!  (Gross…these pictures do an excellent job of dipslaying how badly I need to clean the grout in our kitchen.)

About Jenny

I'm Jenny! Living the biggest version of my life possible and working every day to be my best self. Check out Plowing Forward to learn more about me!
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One Response to Christmas Card Hoarder

  1. Anita Mac says:

    Great idea!! I store far too much stuff in old shoe boxes – theme paper to help me keep them straight – brilliant!! Thanks for sharing.

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