Grab and Go Cake Sandwiches

Recently, I decided to make a carrot cake.  I had found this recipe for Carrot Cake with Brown Butter Cream Cheese Frosting on, you guessed it, Tasty Kitchen.  It looked amazing (like most cakes do) and I had to try it.  Plus, I had never actually made carrot cake before and I thought it would be wise for me to have one under my belt, should the need for one ever arise (you never know when you’re going to need a seriously delicious carrot cake).  Word of advice: shredding a pound of carrots with a cheese grater is quite a bit of work….but its a great arm workout (for one of your arms, anyway).

Here is the finished product…doesn’t it look sooooooooo good?  This was also the first use of my cake stand, a wedding gift stashed away and forgotten about until now.  I think it really adds to the yummy-ness factor of this photo.

In my attempt to make as perfect looking cake as possible, I used a long bread knife to even out the tops of the cakes after they cooled.  Although I was grateful to have some scraps to pick off of for taste testing purposes, I was sad that I had these beautiful cake tops that wouldn’t be used for anything.  The solution came to me when I realized I also had extra frosting (*gasp* Is this really possible?).  I frosted one of the cake tops (heavily, of course) and laid the other on top of it.  Then I used a pizza cutter to slice it into wedges, creating…wait for it…Grab and Go Cake Sandwiches!These actually went faster than the cake, leaving me to think that next time I make cake, I should try to find a way to do the entire cake this way.  So much easier to grab a slice and go AND you don’t have the guilt of eating a whole piece of cake.  Life is so sweet sometimes (pun intended!). 🙂

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2 Responses to Grab and Go Cake Sandwiches

  1. It looks incredible. Yum!

  2. jennyg82 says:

    I often can’t decide between cake and sandwiches…these look perfect!

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