Snow Day Brunch

Finally…SNOW!!!  It’s been a weird, mild winter so far which, I’ll admitt, has been enjoyable.  But, with corn to plant and alfalfa to bloom this spring we have been desperate for moisture.  It’s very strange not seeing the ground covered in a perfect blanket of white yet.  I would like use my 4 wheel drive, throw a snowball and take Evan sledding (actually, I just want to go sledding myself and am happy to use my child as an excuse).  I also want snowy photos.  So, I couldn’t wait to drive around The Farm when the blizzard was at its best. Turns out, taking photos in the snow is rather difficult, but I got a few neat ones.

Catching snowflakes on her tongue!

Cartoon? Or fun with aperture?

...still catching snowflakes!

After baring the elements (ie: after driving around in my pajamas with my camera), I was starving and decided to make an easy brunch for JJ and I. Nothing special…just pantry and refrigerator items thrown together and cooked until they tasted good.

I started with a few potatoes that were beginning to get soft and needed to be used. I scrubbed them (skipped the peeling…too tedious a lazy day) and diced them. I diced up the chunk of red onion I had hanging out in my fridge and threw it all in a hot skillet with some oil and butter. Then, I let it cook for about 25 minutes, stirring occasionally and adding Lawry’s Seasonings with every stir.

Once those were done, I threw them into a bowl and placed them in the oven to keep warm then fixed my eggs. After scrambling them in a bowl with some sour cream and more Lawry’s (I love that seasoning), I put them in the same hot skillet I used for my potatoes.

Threw in some leftover Graziano’s Sausage and fresh parmesan cheese, then cursed when I couldn’t find any bell peppers to add to the mix (fail).

Toasted up some seed bread and, boom, brunch was ready.  Total cheater brunch…no homemade muffins or bread, no fancy eggs.  But, it was enough to put me into a mild food coma on the couch for a while…the perfect way to watch the rest of the snow fall.


2 thoughts on “Snow Day Brunch

  1. These pictures are just lovely. I live in Alabama and it’s been warm here lately– it’s my first winter here, and I kind of miss the snow of New York. Food looks tasty too- – take care!

  2. I spent a winter in Florida a few years back…it was definitely weird not experiencing the season change! I know you you feel, but enjoy the temps and eat some boiled peanuts for me! (we don’t get those here….maybe a new culinary endeavor?)

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