1 Year Old…are you kidding?

Evan turns 1 next week.  I’m in denial! How did he get so big so fast??  As I’m sitting here, ‘pinteresting’ ideas for a birthday cake and decorations, I am brought to tears looking back at how small he used to be.  We went from the whirlwind hospital stay and blissful first gazes….

…to enjoying the spring weather…

…to kicking it during the lazy summer days…. 

…to fading fall days helping dad and playing in the hay field…

…and now here we are!  I suddenly have a walking, babbling, opinionated young man on my hands.

I’m wallowing in cake batter at the moment…not so bad, actually.  But, still tough to believe the first year of Evan’s life has sped by so quickly!  Kinda makes me start thinking about bringing the next one around…but, then I think about how nice it is to sleep through the night or have a glass of wine with supper and I put my 2nd baby thoughts on the shelf.  I’m too content with Evan right now to change things!  *sigh*….1 year…Really???

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