South Padre Island

Sorry about the lull in exciting posts lately.  February has been a crazy month with birthdays, baptisms, family visits and a first-ever couples vacation for JJ and I.  To make up for my sporadic posting, I’m promising you an amazing recipe and pictorial “how to” by the end of this week.  I’m going to show you how to make Beef Bourguignon.   It is the best dish I have EVER made.  I swear.  So, hang in there and enjoy this fluffy vacation-themed post and I promise to knock your socks off soon.

JJ and I traveled from Des Moines to South Padre Island, Texas…almost as close to the Mexican border as you can get.  It was an alright trip.  To be honest with you, we are horrible at kicking back and doing nothing.  To JJ and I, “enjoying ourselves” means working really hard all day and eating good meals as a family at night (pretty much our day-to-day life).  I was nervous about hanging out for so long (4 days) and not having anything to work on or keep us busy.  Turns out, we do nothing pretty well!  

Outside of the cruddy, unseasonably cold and rainy weather we endured for a few days and a run-down, outdated hotel (Isla Grand Resort is hardly ‘grand’…we later switched to the Hilton), we found ourselves enjoying just having time to do NOTHING.  I did lavish things like: I read a whole book, I took a bath and sipped on wine (we have no tub at our house), I drank coffee on the balcony and enjoyed my own thoughts, I napped, I drank a mimosa with breakfast most days and ate 3 huge meals a day…whether I was hungry or not.  Fun activities were just a bonus!

But, I did miss my little guy terribly and wished we had selected a more romantic destination.  The beaches weren’t very clean and the shopping in the area didn’t have much to offer (I mean…what treasures can you really find at one of the numerous “Everything under $9.99” stores?).  It was, however, cost effective when compared to other beach hot spots and there are tons of activities to take part in.  Probably better suited for a family vacation than a romantic getaway.  Here’s a few snapshots.

We went on a dolphin watching boat and saw some happy porpoises…

…viewed some local shrimping boats…

…enjoyed loaded Bloody Marys and ‘Texas’ Busch Light (not sure how it was different than the Busch Light the rest of the country enjoys, other than the fact that it gave me some wicked hiccups)…

…saw some cool pelicans and many Portuguese Man Of Wars, which were washed up all over every beach.


JJ looked handsome and stoic…as always,

…and I even got him on a horse (first time ever)!  Riding on the beach was fun.

Happy to be home now and even happier to be able to get my daily snuggles from Evan…and happy to have my kitchen back!  Stay tuned for Beef Bourguignon. 🙂

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