Calf Tagging

Yesterday, I tagged along with JJ and his friend Troy to tag a couple of calves that had been born the night before.  Troy works for our good friend Misty who has about 350 black angus and charlet cattle.  So, this time of year is pretty busy for ol’ Troy!!  I think calves are 100% adorable.  At what point they turn into sedate looking cows, I don’t know…but calves are so stinkin cute.  I was happy to get to tag along yesterday while Evan napped with Grandma and Grandpa.  Here are a few fun shots I snapped.

Troy and JJ making a plan.

Watchful momma keeping an eye on her little one.

Windy afternoon!!!  Hay bits blowing everywhere.

Troy is careful to keep one eye on momma.  He also had to managed to keep his ‘good boots’ clean…wives get upset when husbands ruin their going-to-town boots with manure and mud.

Where’s the rest of this tag??


I love this one…the Des Moines skyline in the background.

Well…that’s enough cattle photography for me today.  Putting together this post has been a nice break from the ‘spring cleaning’ I’m forcing myself to perform on our house.  *no fun*

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