Snack Packs

Much like his mother, Evan enjoys a good snack while driving anywhere.  During the week, we spend our mornings at the gym and on the 20 minute drive home, I’m in for it if I have forgotten to pack a snack for the little guy.  I used to be frustrated with the annoying task of putting together a bag full of crackers, goldfish, etc when trying to head out the door with all our other garb.  I also wasted a lot of food because the constant opening and closing of chip and snack bags caused them to go stale faster.  Suddenly, I had an epiphany…I decided to make a bunch of ‘snack packs’ ahead of time (a total “duh” moment).  I’m passing this on to you as you may find the trick useful yourself (saves a lot of money over buying the pre-packaged snack packs, too).

Just purchase the snack sized ziplock bags and your kid’s favorite snacks.  Fill the bags as full as you want and place them in a basket or anywhere easy to grab in a time of need.  The ‘car friendly’ snacks we prefer are Mini Club Crackers, Veggie Straws, Goldfish and Mini Rice Cakes (of the cheese variety to be specific).  Throw them in a cute basket or container for easy grabbing-on-the-go and..boom…you have an extra 2 minutes to spare next time you are in a hurry. 🙂

On a quick side-note, I had my super-serious-ultra-dangerous surgery on Wednesday (ie: my outpatient, 45 minute surgery on my wrist to fix tendonitis).  All went well, but I don’t recommend opting to NOT be under anesthesia when given the option.  The local anesthetic hurt like crazy and I hearing the sound of them snipping tissue was enough to make me gag.  Recovery is not so bad, though. I was feeling well enough to attend kickboxing class the next morning…although I definitely didn’t try as hard as I normally do.  I can take the lovely bandage off on Monday and stitches come out next Thursday.  Not too bad!

I know...I look so tough...right?? (*sarcasm*)

2 thoughts on “Snack Packs

  1. I love this idea and really wish it would work where we live! Sadly, we have Godzilla Ants that will chew right threw those ziplocs if I left them in the pantry for like, 24 hours. Those Oxo button top storage (you know the ones that cost an arm and a leg) are the only ones that keep the buggers out.

    Love your blog! Keep writing!

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