Cheater Cheater Chicken Dinner

Itchy horses helping each other scratch off their shedding winter coats. Note the green grass!

Truth: I don’t cook amazing meals every night (please act surprised). I love concocting serious dishes with fancy ingredients and long winded names from time to time, but more often that not, I don’t.  Example: Last night I much preferred sharing a beer outside with JJ and our buddy Troy over making a mess in the kitchen.  It was too nice outside and Evan was having fun throwing rocks at plants (we have our priorities).  Plus, I had spent the majority of both Evan’s nap times scrubbing and re-sealing the grout in our kitchen, so I had reached my ‘kitchen quota’ for the day (*side note* White grout is awful.  It shows dirt and stains like crazy and doesn’t hold up.  Avoid it if you’re re-flooring high traffic areas).


This super easy ‘cheater’ dish got nominated for our consumption last night. I make it from time to time when I don’t feel like spending more than 15 minutes in the kitchen.  I call it Cheater Cheater Chicken Dinner.  If you can boil water and melt cheese, you can make this dish. Basically, it’s a loose spin on Chicken Parmesan.  Here’s what you’ll need:

3 tablespoons olive oil

3 cloves of garlic, minced

1 can diced tomatoes

1 jar pasta sauce

4-6 frozen, breaded chicken patties

sliced mozzarella cheese (enough to cover your chicken)

1 box of pasta, cooked (your choice on the noodle shape)

Optional: Italian seasonings, 1/4 cup white wine

Heat a large skillet with the olive oil and add the garlic.

Then add the tomatoes, juice and all.

And now the jar of sauce.  If you have some one hand, feel free to add any spices/herbs you wish. Or throw in about 1/4 cup white wine.  Or, leave it be…which is what I did.  Let’s not over complicate things today.  Turn the skillet down to low.

Cook your chicken patties in the oven, according to the instructions on the bag.

Cut up your mozzarella.

When the chicken is cooked, add the cheese to the chicken and pop it back in the oven until melted (about 2-3 minutes).

Place the chicken over pasta in a bowl (or a plate, if you are that type of person) and cover with sauce.

Not bad for a 15 minute supper!

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