Garden Labels

If you have been following my blog, then by now you know that my ‘weapons of choice,’ when it comes to crafting, are wood and craft paint.  The possibilities are endless if you keep your craft room stocked with these 2 supplies.  Recently, I planted some herb seeds and realized that, *gasp*, I had no way of telling my pots apart. The solution: a craft, of course!  So, I made these cute little labels in only a few minutes.  Here’s how!


Popsicle Sticks (3 for each label)

Hot glue gun and glue

Craft Paint

Paint Brushes

Clear Spray Paint

Begin by gluing 2 popsicle sticks together length wise.  First, make sure they are straight…sometimes they have a little bend to them.

Paint the sticks a color of your choice.

Once dried, use a pencil to lightly write the name of the plant you wish to label. A hint to keeping your lettering centered: Count the number of letters in the word and begin with the middle letter (or middle 2 letters if there are an even number of letters) in the middle of the 2 sticks. Work your way out, one letter at a time on each side, so you can monitor the spacing and ensure the label won’t be lopsided.

I'm switching back and forth between a couple different sticks here...hope the color changes don't throw you off!

Now, paint your lettering using a contrasting color.  Use block letters, cursive, puffy letters, skinny letters, or paint a picture.  Be creative!

While the lettering is drying, paint a single popsicle stick another contrasting color.  No need to paint the whole thing…you’re going to be shoving one end in the dirt.

Once all of the paint on all of the sticks is completely dry, glue the 3rd stick to the back of the 2 conjoined sticks (in the middle).  It’s important that all the paint is dry, otherwise the glue doesn’t stick well.

Now spray paint the entire project with a coat or 2 of clear spray paint.  This helps protect it from the sun and rain…and makes it shiny and finished looking.

Labels drying.

When everything is dry, label your plants and enjoy the extra color in your garden! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Garden Labels

  1. Hi there – wow cool. Normally I just write on chopped up plastic milk bottle with a permanent marker. I think it is now time for change! Gardens can look great as well as being functional. Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. Very cute! I would like do to these with my kid- he would have fun painting them. And though I (the gardener) knows what all the herbs are, my sweetheart (sometimes cook) has no idea and these might protect us from having basil instead of cilantro in the guacamole… 🙂

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