Signs of Spring

What a fun weekend.  Barbecue was a blast and, as usual, we cooked way too much food.  Nothing better than relaxing with friends, eating good food, drinking cheap beer and watching the kids play outside.  We may not be rich, but I consider us extremely privileged that we have such good friends.

The meat takes several hours to smoke, so the guys had some serious hang time while waiting. We love hay bales…they make awesome seating.

Just kickin it.

Everyone wants to peek inside!

It won’t be long before our Dominican roommates are moved in for the summer and JJ will be pulling long days in the hours between sun up and sun down; the heat will have us sweltering and the driveway will turn into a busy street with various trucks, horse trailers and farm equipment. Gosh…I love spring…so much excitement to come!

Lawn chairs and wagons. 2 things we could not live without.


On Sunday, we attended church for Easter service, which included the baptism of my youngest niece, Isabella (‘we’ being Evan and I…JJ had to fix the wiring on the monitor in the tractor).  The egg hunt was hilarious.  Evan put about 5 eggs in his bag, then turned the bag over, dumped the eggs out and walked away to play in the mulch.  Kids are hilarious.

At our church, all children are invited up to help bless the baptismal water.

My mom is the cutest.

The Prepster.

I’m getting back into ‘productive blogging’ this week (ie: me sharing recipes, crafts, tips and tricks with you).  Been so crazy lately and my motivation factor has been low.  I apologize…don’t take it personally!  Spring takes my mind elsewhere than the computer desk from time to time.

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