How To Make “Gender Reveal” Cupcakes

Thanks to Pinterest, I have been having lots of fun with the small milestones of my pregnancy.  It is so much fun to surprise family members with news in a crafty way.  For example, JJ, Evan and I utilized hay bales and an old cardboard box, mimicking a Pinterest post to share the initial news of our pregnancy…


…and I made “surprise” cupcakes to reveal the gender to them this last weekend.  The “real way” you’re supposed to do this is to have the ultrasound technician write down the sex of the baby on a card and place it in an envelope.  Then you take the envelope to a bakery to make the cupcakes for you so that you can be surprised, too.  However, I like to bake so I didn’t want to have someone else do the fun part for me (I love licking the batter spoon afterwards!) and I wanted to let the news sink in before we shared it with loved ones.  The method I used to fill the cupcakes is super simple.  Give it a try!

First bake your cupcakes and let them completely cool.  Confession time: I cheated and used a box mix.  But I have been CRAVING funfetti cake for sometime now and I just haven’t found a from-scratch recipe that rivals Duncan Hines.

Holding a small knife at an angle, cut a circle out of the top of the cupcakes.  Be careful not to cut too deep or too close to the edge…you don’t want anyone to peek!

You should have a nice, neat little cone when you’re finished.


For the filling, I choose to dye a portion of the frosting I made for the tops using food coloring (by the way, my favorite amazing frosting recipe can be found here).

Next, put a small dab of your surprise filling inside the cupcake (not too much…you don’t want it to come out the top).

Place the cone back on top of the cupcake.

Now frost it with a light layer of frosting. Let it set up for a while so it seals the lid.

When you’re ready, frost it the rest of the way….

…and eat a test cupcake (in the name of research, of course…to make sure the process worked for your cupcakes)..

Voila! Decorate your cakes however you desire and have fun surprising your family and friends.  Probably the best part of these cupcakes (aside from eating them) is watching people shove the cupcakes into their mouths like hot-dog-eating champs in order to view the center more quickly.  It sure does make a pregnant lady feel good to see other people eating like pigs for a change! 😉 Happy Baking!

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