Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Brownie Cups


I am guilty of assuming that the more words there are in a recipe’s title, the better it is.  This isn’t always true since I love things like chocolate cake and bread, but in the case of Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Brownie Cups, my theory is right as rain.  This simple recipe that I found on my favorite recipe sharing website, Tasty Kitchen, is easy and it turned out mighty tasty.  I was pleased as punch with how they came out!  The peanut butter and cream cheese adds 2 amazing flavors to an already perfect treat.  You can’t go wrong here!  This is one of those easy to make recipes that people give you way too much credit for (“Wow, you made these??).  Feel free not to tell them how easy they actually are.


Either use boxed brownie mix or use a ‘from scratch’ recipe.  I recommend – in ANY situation requiring brownies – that you try this recipe for Killer Brownies. They are heavy, fudgey (is that a word?) and go amazingly with a cup of coffee in the afternoon when both your kids are finally sleeping at the same time and you get a few blissful minutes to yourself to catch up on some Real Housewives series or the Bachelor (omg. Can you believe Tierra this season? Poor Sean).  *sigh*  …but I digress.


Basically, make some brownie mix according to the packaging or recipe. Top it with a simple peanut butter and cream cheese mixture.  Put them in the oven and bake.  Then cool and eat!  A few tips I’ll share with you since this was my maiden run:

-melt the cream cheese and peanut butter slightly so they pour over brownies before baking.  I just softened mine and it didn’t melt down in the oven like I assumed it would.



– make sure to leave enough room in the cups to add plenty of the topping! Brownies don’t rise much, but you want to make sure you leave enough room on top for a couple of generous scoops of the peanut butter cream cheese mixture.  Go ahead…put on more than the recipe says!


We are locked inside today avoiding a lovely high temperature of 8 degrees.  Thankfully, there are plenty of these sinful treats to keep us warm!  Don’t worry, we have plenty of the “playing in a bed sheet fort” game to keep us active to offset the probably copious calories in each Brownie Cup (yeah right).


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