Corel PaintShop Pro: My Current Obsession

Recently, I have had the strong desire to share a something with you to get your creative juices flowing and perhaps help with the cabin fever you are feeling this time of year.  I wish I had a great recipe or fun craft to share with you,  however, I have been suffering from an addiction that has prevented me from doing anything else.  And that addiction is photo editing.

I used some Christmas money to purchase Corel PaintShop Pro last month.  Since then, I have been You-Tubing (is that a verb?) tutorials and practicing making every photo I take look just right.  It’s a total time suck.  I feel bad how often I find myself sitting with my back to my kids as I work diligently on the latest photos I have snapped of them.  Poor things…although they don’t seem too worse for the wear.  Evan has been busy working with a wooden tool set he got recently and Bristol…well…she does what most 8 week old children do all day…sleep.  So, since I’m not doing anything else productive to share here, I will give you a little show-and-tell of my progress as a very amateur photographer.  And, for anyone wondering, I totally recommend this program.  It’s pretty easy to get into and and learn.  It costs about $80 to purchase and you can download it to your computer instantly. Paired with my Canon Rebel T2i camera it makes for a great creative outlet!

Here we go!

This is an unedited photo of Evan doing what little boys do best…anything that makes a mess.


I did a little adjusting on the light, straightened it out a bit and then applied Local Tone Mapping, which gives it an awesome illustrated effect.  I’m loving this technique right now!


Here’s another photo I did the same thing to.  If it looks like Evan is wearing lipstick it’s because he has chocolate all over his mouth.  He’s spoiled.  Or, I prefer the term “Well Loved.”


Here is another unedited photo.


I used the “Time Machine” effect on this one and pulled the blue tint of the photo out with tint adjustment.


Unedited photo:

Black and white effect applied, except on the tricycle.  I love this effect.  It makes photos so much more interesting to look at. An easy tutorial on how to do this can be found here.


The rest of these photos I touched up to bring out the best color, light, focus etc.  Nothing fancy!

SunnyDay1 SunnyDay11 Hands


If you are looking for a photo-shopping type program, give this one a look.  There is a 30 day free trial, which is really handy if you’re afraid to commit…as I was.  Although it’s totally worth it to buy the real deal if you are someone like me who would rather take nice photos yourself than pay someone to do it for you!

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