About Me

My name is Jenny.

My mantra is “Big Life, Best Self.” 

Every day is a new day to love, grow and improve, one small thought at a time.  Keep it simple. Keep it moving.  Sharing it all along the way.

Need more about me? I don’t fit inside a box that is neatly labeled so here goes:

Mom of 3 little ones, farm wife, global entrepreneur, personal growth coach, baker, wish-I-did-more-crafts type, fitness lover, photographer, cowgirl, junk-food-lover and also healthy recipe seeker (because it is TOTALLY okay to be both those things!), Calamity Jane fan, free spirit.


Jenny Beecher




4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. What a cute blog! Your son is one lucky boy to grow up on a farm! I’m sure he’ll love every minute of it. Sometimes I wish for a simpler life like that for my family, but I would miss the ocean terribly.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the homemade baby food recipes on here. Now if only I could find time to make them. : )

  2. I’m an Iowa girl too! Not currently there however- we’ve been “replanted.” My heart often calls back though and perhaps someday another uprooting and transplanting will take place back home.

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