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I'm Jenny. Mom. Wife. Crafter. Baker. In Iowa. On the farm.

My Perfect Tube Maxi For Summer

I am not a fashion-ista by any measure. I love pre-worn clothes and 2-year-old flip flops.  I  wear jeans all the time, even when it’s 95 and humid.  I never wear shorts and I often wear workout clothes to run errands so people … Continue reading

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No-Bake Peanut Butter Balls

One of my favorite memories in life is making peanut butter balls with my mom and siblings.  These (and chocolate chip cookies) were our ‘go to’ activity when we got bored and hungry. We used to make them for after … Continue reading

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Colored Ice Cubes

I reckon I’m all about making awesome things in ice cube trays lately.  Bristol is into solids now, so I’m making baby food and I have trays full of coffee cubes for my iced coffees.  YUM!  But I know that … Continue reading

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The Secret to Iced Coffee (Keurig style)

I enjoy coffee.  I drink it in the morning.  I drink it in the afternoon.  I drink it in the evening (unless I’m drinking wine….which – truthfully – is more often the case). And ever since my awesome husband got … Continue reading

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Super Easy, Super Chic Vase

I’m not really a “chic” person. I mean…we have really old green leather couches with holes in them.  We have deer heads on our walls and paintings of ducks alongside haphazardly hung family photos.  This isn’t so much due to … Continue reading

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Pizza Sandwich

Hi.  My name is Jenny and I enjoy food that tastes good in a hurry. I was blessed with a Cuisnart Panini maker for Mother’s Day and I’ve been using it like crazy for the past few weeks.  Having such a … Continue reading

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Double Sprinkle Loaded Birthday Cookies

I’m not a recipe creator by any means, but I am quite fond of “adding stuff” to anything when baking – which is why I constantly obsess over chocolate chip cookie recipes.  As you have probably guessed by the copious … Continue reading

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