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Super Easy, Super Chic Vase

I’m not really a “chic” person. I mean…we have really old green leather couches with holes in them.  We have deer heads on our walls and paintings of ducks alongside haphazardly hung family photos.  This isn’t so much due to … Continue reading

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Garden Labels

If you have been following my blog, then by now you know that my ‘weapons of choice,’ when it comes to crafting, are wood and craft paint.  The possibilities are endless if you keep your craft room stocked with these … Continue reading

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Mason Jar Shell Keepsake

Like most residents of a landlocked state on vacation in a beach town, I am compelled to collect everything I find in the sand.  Pretty shells, ugly shells, broken shells and (on our trip to South Padre Island) I even … Continue reading

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Spreading the Love on Valentines Day

I love having an excuse to bake (have I said that before??).  And I feel that holidays like Valentines Day are made just for baking and sharing!  I had grandiose visions of making sweet Valentines for all of Evan’s cousins … Continue reading

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Kiddy Coat Hangers: A Tracing Tutorial

I started making these fun coat hangers a long time ago…like…pre-husband and pre-child.  It was back in a day when the most important things I needed to hang up were my purse and the coat that my dog Jimmy wears … Continue reading

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How To: Melted Crayon Art

Who loves colorful, easy artwork that’s fun to make?  This girl does!!  And I’ve been dying to take a stab at my own melted crayon art ever since the craze has become popular.  Let me break down the complicated steps … Continue reading

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Christmas Card Hoarder

Hi. My name is Jenny and I can’t throw away anything sentimental.  It’s a terrible problem…one I must learn to deal with before Evan is old enough to doodle and color pictures.  Otherwise, I’m in for a world of clutter … Continue reading

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