Catching Up In a Nutshell

I’ve got to jump back into this blog somewhere and no better place to start than 3 years in a nutshell!

  • Life is crazy.
  • 3 kids (currently ages 6, 4 and 2).
  • New dog (Harley the crazy heeler)
  • New pony (meet Strawberry!)
  • New venture (putting my best face forward!)
  • Not as many DIYing and baking ventures as I would like, but -hey- somethings gotta give sometimes!
  • My photography is still a love in my life, however occasionally neglected (lots to see here!)
  • Great adventures have been had (post on that to come!) with more to come!
  • Life is crazy….did I say that already?

Life as a mom is what rules my heart…everything I do (even Plowing Forward!) is for my cool kids.

Evan is now 6 (can’t believe how time has flown!!).  Also, JJ is still the most handsome man I know.

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Bristol will be 5 next month (she’s been planning her birthday party since January).  She’s wildly adorable.

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John, our newest little man, just turned 2.  He is going to be that “under the radar” kind of kid…in charge and uber handsome.

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Interesting fact about us:  All of our kids were born on the 23rd of their birth months.  I’m going to pretend like I planned it that way.

But life is GREAT! Every day is a new, fun and exciting day filled with everything from sprinke-laden breakfasts to sweaty workouts to dinners in the field and squeezing in a little business on the side.  A smorgasbord of ALL the great stuff!

Enough of the catch-up game on my end! What have you been up to for –oh- the past 3 years or so?

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Yes…it has been years….

View More: still exist! And…believe it or not…so does Plowing Forward!  It has literally been years. We’ve added another babe (meet John…he’s 2!) and life has continued to grow, evolve and bless us all.  I’ve got nothing inspiring, educational or helpful to share today.  I don’t even know if anyone is still there! But something this morning brought me back around here and I feel Plowing Forward starting to warm up again.

If you are there (can  you hear me now??), what do you want to see? Did you like the crafts and recipes before?  What about motivation and daily inspiration? Or the ups and downs of parenthood?  The wonderful thing about a blog is that there are no rules…but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to connect, relate and share with intention!

I’ll be back soon with more regular posts on…well….just about anything!  Because, let’s be honest, who leads a life that fits into just 2 or 3 categories?

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My Perfect Tube Maxi For Summer

I am not a fashion-ista by any measure.

I love pre-worn clothes and 2-year-old flip flops.  I  wear jeans all the time, even when it’s 95 and humid.  I never wear shorts and I often wear workout clothes to run errands so people think I just worked out instead of assuming the truth (I haven’t showered that day and all my other clothes are still in the washing machine).

Probably twice in my life has someone come up to me and said “Oh I love what you’re wearing.” And both those times, it was probably my mom trying to make me feel good (I’m exaggerating here, but you get the point).

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a healthy appreciation for functional, comfortable clothing that doesn’t make me look destitute.  Can’t I be comfy and cute?? So, when I find something that works for me, I go with it!

Living on a farm and staying at home all day with kids means 2 things:

1.) Getting dirty is inevitable.

2.) It does not pay off to put effort daily into my appearance because the horses, bugs and kids don’t care (and my husband never notices).

This is the first post in my “Farm Chic” category. My aim is to share with you what works for me and why.  Clothing, decor, TV shows, bathroom products, adult beverages, etc.  Pretty much miscellaneous and then some.

To kick this off, I’m sharing a dress that I recently bought in 3 different colors (because that’s how I roll…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – just buy it in different colors!).

The Old Navy’s Tube Maxi is comfy and pretty.  It comes in many colors and patterns, too!  I like it because you can wear it during the day or dress it up for an evening out (although the cotton material is a little casual looking for any formal affair).  It’s also a great dress to throw on over your suit and head to the pool (or pond if you live the farm life like I do).




Super cute, right??

And I’m obsessed with these tube dresses this summer for several reasons:

1 .) I hate tan lines.  Nothing makes me feel less pretty than big white ‘seasonal tattoos’ draped all over my shoulders.

2.) I am still nursing Bristol so easy access is really handy.

3.) This particular dress doesn’t fall down.  It has plenty of hold at the top to keep you from having to constantly jerk it up (but not so much that it’s uncomfortable or too tight).  I can even lift babies over my head without fear of a ‘loose cannon’! *photo below*

4.) Drawstring waist = slender look

5.) These dresses are cheap! (The long one is $25. The short one is $15.)


So, there you have it.  My fashion recommendation of sorts.  Tube-tastic!

What do you wear the heck out of during the summer?

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No-Bake Peanut Butter Balls

No-Bake Peanut Butter Balls - Plowing Forward

One of my favorite memories in life is making peanut butter balls with my mom and siblings.  These (and chocolate chip cookies) were our ‘go to’ activity when we got bored and hungry.

We used to make them for after school snacks back in the day and stuff them into our mouths as quickly as we made them.  We would attempt to make the biggest peanut butter ball ever. We would see how many tiny balls we could make with one batch.  These things are awesome.

Peanut butter-aholics will cheers me on this one.  These delicious little balls of pea-nutty perfection aren’t even that bad for you!

No Bake Peanut Butter Balls - Plowing Forward

The most fun thing about peanut butter balls is being creative with the surprise filling and the outer ingredient you roll them in.  The sky is the limit!

Begin by adding honey, peanut butter and dry powdered milk to a bowl.  A tip here lightly dust the measuring cup for the honey with non-stick spray.   It makes the honey pour right out of the cup, instead of fighting it out with a spatula scrape-by-scrape.


Once the ingredients are mixed, take a few tablespoons of the dough and form it into a rough ball. Use your fingers to make a well and add some M&M’s (these are mini ones), raisins, chocolate chips…you name it!


Carefully close the dough around the filling and roll it into a ball.


Have a bowl of something crunchy ready to roll them in.  We used to use wheat germ growing up, but now I use crushed up cereal (any rice cereal works well) or -for extra excitement- sprinkles!  PBB6

You could also use finely crushed up peanuts for an extra nutty layer.  Basically, you want to roll them in anything that will keep your fingers from getting sticky when you pick them up.


They are good to eat right away, or store in the refrigerator to let them harden slightly.

If you’re pregnant, these would be a simple but fun way to do a gender reveal…just fill the middle with pink or blue M&Ms!  So much easier than making cupcakes.

Make these for after-school snacks, packing lunches or you could even make some fancy looking ones for party snacking.  You’ll be instantly popular (as if you aren’t already). 😉

Happy snacking!!


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Colored Ice Cubes


I reckon I’m all about making awesome things in ice cube trays lately.  Bristol is into solids now, so I’m making baby food and I have trays full of coffee cubes for my iced coffees.  YUM!  But I know that ice cube trays are meant to make ice, so I’m showing H20 some love today and making fun colored ice cubes!


Colored ice cubes make plain water fun for toddlers to drink, they make lemonade turn cool colors and -if you’re a cocktail hour type of guy/gal- vodka tonics are way more fun if you use colored ice.

These are -pretty much- just as they seem.  Color some water with food coloring (one drop goes a long way) and pour it into ice cube trays.



Once frozen, plop the cubes into a glass and be amazed at how totally rad (people still say that, right?) your bevie looks.




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The Secret to Iced Coffee (Keurig style)


I enjoy coffee.  I drink it in the morning.  I drink it in the afternoon.  I drink it in the evening (unless I’m drinking wine….which – truthfully – is more often the case).

And ever since my awesome husband got me a Keruig brewer for Christmas, I have been able to craft the perfect cup in seconds…making my coffee moments that much more perfect. *cue Folgers theme song*

But, it’s hot outside now (at long last after a chilly, wet spring) and I’m finding that a steamy cup of joe is not on my list of comfortable beverages in the sun.  Thank goodness for modern appliances that allow us ice.

Iced coffee in the Keurig is very easy…as everything is with one of these.  Fill a glass with
ice.  I use a  16oz reusable Starbucks cup. (I’m pretty sure that putting homemade coffee into Starbucks containers makes it taste that much more fancy.  It probably has nothing to do with the Starbucks Blond Roast that I’ve been drinking lately).


Choose your K-cup or fill your reusable K-cup with the coffee of your choice.  No need to purchase the special iced coffee k-cups, unless you want to.  I recommend getting one of these little hummers if you don’t have one already…IcedCoffee4 Drinking Keurig coffee becomes much more affordable when you use bagged coffee in the reusable cup over the prepackaged K-cups.  And I think it tastes better because you can use fresh ground coffee.  But I digress…

Brew your coffee using the 6oz beverage size on the machine.

Add your goodies.  I am currently hooked on 1 packet of Splenda and a splash of low-fat Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss in Vanilla.


This is where you can stop reading and go make a delicious iced coffee OR you can read on and discover the easy secret to a perfect iced coffee. (It’s really not a secret at all…but it sounds so much more romantic that way!) 

Regular ice tends to make iced coffee drinks too watery and I find myself saying “ew” by about halfway though.  The solution? Coffee ice cubes!  Genius.


These are fool proof, but here’s the rundown:

Make a cup of coffee (brew it strong for the cubes) and pour it into ice cube trays.IcedCoffee1

If you want special coffee, only fill the trays half way and add a small splash of Bailey’s to each cube (now we’re talking!!).


Freeze them overnight and the result is the perfect coffee cube to accompany your tasty summer beverage.


A tip here when ‘assembling’ this: To avoid my coffee cubes melting completely right away, I usually brew my coffee over a small cup of regular ice (just a few cubes don’t water it down too much) or make it and place it in the refrigerator to cool before adding the coffee cubes to my drink.

Now the only hard part is deciding what you want to put in your drink!


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Super Easy, Super Chic Vase


I’m not really a “chic” person.

I mean…we have really old green leather couches with holes in them.  We have deer heads on our walls and paintings of ducks alongside haphazardly hung family photos.  This isn’t so much due to my lack of taste (I hope) as it is the constant hoping that we will find a new home to move into soon, thus making decorating/painting/trying-hard-to-make-our-little-home-look-nice feel like a bit moot of a point.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t like chic things…especially since creating chic looking pieces is so easy to do on your own!

I was looking for something to do with all my cheap old vases from flower deliveries over the years when I became inspired by HGTV Magazine to make them look frosty and fun.

All you need is rubber bands, spray paint and a vase.

Basically, put the rubber bands on the vase and spray paint it.  Once the paint is dry, take off the rubber bands and…bada-bing-bada-boom…a chic new vase!

For your educational purposes, I’m chronicling a tale of two vases today….because I messed up the first one horribly and don’t want you to do the same.

It’s not so shocking to discover that easy doesn’t always mean fool proof.  And since I’m usually in a hurry to make the most of my kids’ nap times and get things done quickly, I am usually the fool who finds out the wrong way first.


For the second half of this project, I had quite the viewing party…pressure was on to do it right!PeanutGallery

First, do not make your vase look like a glass version of Anastasia from 50 shades of Grey.  No bondage scene needed for this craft project.  A few rubber band goes a long way.PaintedVase1 PaintedVaseSuccess1

Second, when painting, do not actually spray paint onto the vase.  It will run and drip and look so so gross.  As soon as you push the button on the spray can, let up.  Do one small spot at a time and don’t try to actually cover the vase with paint. You’re going for a frosty chic look here.


If you want slightly more coverage wait for the first coat to completely dry  (not tacky-ish to the touch, not mostly dry but dry dry). Hit the clear spots with a quick spot of spray.


Let the vase dry completely.

*As a side note, if you are a multi-tasker like me and cannot simply wait for things to dry, I recommend using this time to check your dogs for ticks.  I found 2 huge ones and used the spray paint can to crush them.  An excellent use of stand-by time in my opinion!*

Once the vase is dry, gently pull off the rubber bands.  Hopefully, you don’t end up with a drippy, over exposed, harsh looking vase – as I did the first time!PaintedVase3 PaintedVaseSuccess6

You could use any color of spray paint you like here.  I think a sea foam green or turquoise would be equally ‘chic’ and fabulous as well.  Or perhaps do bold colors to pop with your white walls?  You could try different designs with the direction of the rubber bands, too.  Whatever mood you’re in, now you can have a vase to match!

Happy spray painting, everyone!

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