Ice Day

If you don’t live in Iowa, the one thing I’m sure you’ll probably never miss out on is our weather.  Don’t get me wrong: I am a tried and true Iowa farm girl. I completely appreciate the importance of humidity to growing crops and feet of snow to water table levels.  I’m not complaining, but it is -pretty much- a fact that nobody lives here for the weather.

For example: On Sunday, it was 50 degrees outside.  Downright muggy for February!  Today?  Our world was coated with layers of ice and all the schools in the area were cancelled.

As most parents know, snow days (or an ICE DAY in today’s instance) can be fun, but they can also be impossible.  All these kids crammed in our close quarters and me with a list of calls to make and work to get done….it is hardly a recipe for success at ALL.

As a survival mechanism, I have become very good at driving in wintry conditions.  Today, we went to the gym.


Side note: I love our gym.  It has the most amazing amenities: top-of-the-line equipment and tons of space, a cafe with wifi, a spa, waterpark-like pool and kids activities galore.  I easily spend 20 hours a week there between workouts and working.  A big part of keeping my productivity level high!

Also, the kids are learning to make paper airplanes there (#lifeskills).


Of course, we eventually came home and, went straight for technology.  Our house is freezing (it doesn’t handle wind well because, well, it is a horse barn).  JJ managed to stay pretty toasty during his lunch break, though.


Any guesses how long this seemingly-innocent “foot war” went on before there was crying and tattling from the big 2?  Yeah….about 10 seconds after I took this photo.


(And -yes- that is an Easter dress she is wearing. Bristol begged and pleaded for that dress from Costco last week.  She has literally worn it every single day since.  I freaking love her!)

Myself? Well, thank goodness Starbucks doesn’t close for ice.  Have laptop and caffeine: will be productive!  I am an iced coffee addict (and I wonder why I’m cold all the time?)



And while it’s tempting to look at how little I get done during days like these, it is much more fun to remind myself of the awesome parts like:

Sleeping in past 4:15.

Drinking more coffee.

Writing this blog post.

More time with the best people on the planet.


A Realized Life

Quick question (well, 2 actually).

Who were the last 3 people you talked about to someone else?

Was what you said in those conversations encouraging or critical of those people?

(Be honest with yourself here!).

If you find yourself speaking and thinking often about what others are doing wrong, how others are making you feel or how much you dislike or disagree with someone, chances are you are struggling with accepting something within yourself or your life (deep, I know!).

Are you really that put off by people who are constantly sharing how much they love their partner/spouse? Or could it be that you are missing that deep connection in your own life?

Do you really dislike that group of women because they are constantly sharing about the great fun they are having together? Or is that type of belonging possibly missing in your own life?

Is so-and-so really annoying with how he/she is always the center of attention or do you simply wish you had a little of that attention for yourself?

Is that driver in front of you really eliciting your rage when they cut you off? Or are you actually upset because you’re stressed about something else?

I’ll keep it short here, but think about this: What if, every time you wanted to criticize, speak ill or feel anger towards someone, you instead checked yourself and thought “What’s really going on WITH ME here?”  

I promise you: a couple seconds of self-realization and examination can lead to a lifetime worth of positive shifts in the level of fulfillment you experience in life.

Because -let’s be honest- icky thoughts about others cause us to feel icky about ourselves.  We all need to nip that stuff in the bud.

Basically: Have you realized, yet, the person and life you were born to experience during your existence on this planet? Because once you do, it’s crazy how fast you’ll stop caring about what others are doing, thinking and saying.

Mini Pancake Bar

My kids love pancakes.  And I love making special breakfast.  So, today, it was a DIY Mini Pancake Bar.  A fun twist on a regular breakfast staple!

Mini pancakes are easy to make.  I don’t even pour them a fancy way.  Just a one spoonful of batter per pancake.  Tip: use bacon grease instead of butter to cook your pancakes.  It has a higher smoke point (so no more burnt butter if your griddle is too hot) and it makes the pancakes that much more delicious.



Then then it was grab and go!  You can use whatever you like for toppings.

On hand today, I had:

-chocolate chips


-mini marshmallows



-cinnamon and sugar

-peanut butter

You could also get crazy and use things like
-whipped cream

-chocolate syrup

-fresh fruit

The kids love it and I get to have my mommy moment of being “the best mom ever!” (#goals)

Happy Saturday, everyone!



When Dad Takes The Kids Sledding…

When Dad takes the kids sledding, you can be sure he has an amped-up version in mind.  The kids don’t have to know the plan to know it will be amazing.


When Dad takes the kids sledding, there is sometimes confusion as to the equipment needed.


When Dad takes the kids sledding there are power tools involved….

…and rope measuring.


When Dad takes the kids sledding, there are no hills required.


Look at them go!!


When Dad takes the kids sledding, wipe outs are epic and a laugh for all.


When Dad takes the kids sledding, even John gets a chance to prove his skills!



When Dad takes the kids sledding, the only tears come when Mommy makes you sit in the Polaris to warm up for a little bit.



…but then Dad lets you drive and everything is okay.


When Dad takes the kids sledding, sometimes he goes sledding himself!


When Dad takes the kids sledding, their smiles are never bigger.


When Dad takes the kids sledding, we are reminded of how grateful we are for a large capacity washing machine and dryer!




Thursday Thoughts: If People Don’t Like You

This is a tough one for me daily! I think not being accepted by women (…or people in general! But, in my experience, women tend to cut deeper when they go for it) is something that holds many of us back from a lot of -what would be- really great decisions in our lives.

And why? We will never make everyone happy. As long as we are being kind and treating others with respect, we are doing life right.

Follow your own path, put your blinders on and learn to be ok with people not being okay with you. The way people treat you is a reflection of themselves, not you (that’s a fact)!

I work every day to grow into a bolder, more confident version of myself (its hard!)….just like I hope my daughter grows up to be!

Of course there is pushback from others every time I make a change or voice an opinion, but that is because they are uncomfortable…not me. And I might be strong, but I really don’t feel like carrying that baggage for those people.