Power of Purpose

I used to wake up at 6:30 am draaaaag my butt out of bed and survive the morning. Snapped at the kids frequently and felt super busy with a long list of things I felt I had to do (as opposed to wanting to). I was frustrated, felt stuck, ate horribly and drank a lot of wine daily. I was unhappy and trying to fix that feeling by taking on more responsibility for others…measuring my self worth by what I was doing for everyone around me. Not by how I felt about myself. 
Why was I giving that power away?
Flash forward a couple years through difficult times, happy times, personal growth and experimenting with LIFE and my days are teed up SO much differently!
Now my alarm goes off at 4:15 but sometimes I’m too excited for the day and get up before then.
I start the day by treating myself to a quiet cup of coffee and a great workout. After that it is a joy for me to play short-order breakfast cook and school bus driver. Then the day is filled with photography, working e-commerce business, blogging, housework, more school bussing and -of course- taking care of MYSELF!  Because that is an absolute top priority (something that didn’t even used to make the list!!)!
I still enjoy all kinds of healthy (and sometimes unhealthy) foods and drink wine from time to time l but a little goes SO much farther than it used to. I don’t NEED those things to experience joy or feel fulfilled.


In turn, my marriage is better, my kids are happier…even my relationship with my dog is better (true!).  And I am happier and healthier( <—–most importantly)!
Don’t get me wrong…I still get frustrated, tired, anxious and I get run down. But now I know how to address and tackle those emotions in a healthy way.  I am in constant state of learning about myself.
My point is this, if you aren’t feeling fulfilled, put more purpose in your day.  What that means for everyone is different. Take care of yourself in the ways that -deep down- you know you should be.  The answer is NOT in doing more for others, keeping a cleaner house or posting always-perfect pictures of your life on social media.  That stuff is bunk. 
Follow your heart.  Fill your heart. Stack your days so they are ones you can’t wait to tackle instead of days you feel like you just have to survive.
Happy Tuesday!!


The Secret to Iced Coffee (Keurig style)


I enjoy coffee.  I drink it in the morning.  I drink it in the afternoon.  I drink it in the evening (unless I’m drinking wine….which – truthfully – is more often the case).

And ever since my awesome husband got me a Keruig brewer for Christmas, I have been able to craft the perfect cup in seconds…making my coffee moments that much more perfect. *cue Folgers theme song*

But, it’s hot outside now (at long last after a chilly, wet spring) and I’m finding that a steamy cup of joe is not on my list of comfortable beverages in the sun.  Thank goodness for modern appliances that allow us ice.

Iced coffee in the Keurig is very easy…as everything is with one of these.  Fill a glass with
ice.  I use a  16oz reusable Starbucks cup. (I’m pretty sure that putting homemade coffee into Starbucks containers makes it taste that much more fancy.  It probably has nothing to do with the Starbucks Blond Roast that I’ve been drinking lately).


Choose your K-cup or fill your reusable K-cup with the coffee of your choice.  No need to purchase the special iced coffee k-cups, unless you want to.  I recommend getting one of these little hummers if you don’t have one already…IcedCoffee4 Drinking Keurig coffee becomes much more affordable when you use bagged coffee in the reusable cup over the prepackaged K-cups.  And I think it tastes better because you can use fresh ground coffee.  But I digress…

Brew your coffee using the 6oz beverage size on the machine.

Add your goodies.  I am currently hooked on 1 packet of Splenda and a splash of low-fat Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss in Vanilla.


This is where you can stop reading and go make a delicious iced coffee OR you can read on and discover the easy secret to a perfect iced coffee. (It’s really not a secret at all…but it sounds so much more romantic that way!) 

Regular ice tends to make iced coffee drinks too watery and I find myself saying “ew” by about halfway though.  The solution? Coffee ice cubes!  Genius.


These are fool proof, but here’s the rundown:

Make a cup of coffee (brew it strong for the cubes) and pour it into ice cube trays.IcedCoffee1

If you want special coffee, only fill the trays half way and add a small splash of Bailey’s to each cube (now we’re talking!!).


Freeze them overnight and the result is the perfect coffee cube to accompany your tasty summer beverage.


A tip here when ‘assembling’ this: To avoid my coffee cubes melting completely right away, I usually brew my coffee over a small cup of regular ice (just a few cubes don’t water it down too much) or make it and place it in the refrigerator to cool before adding the coffee cubes to my drink.

Now the only hard part is deciding what you want to put in your drink!