Double Sprinkle Loaded Birthday Cookies


I’m not a recipe creator by any means, but I am quite fond of “adding stuff” to anything when baking – which is why I constantly obsess over chocolate chip cookie recipes.  As you have probably guessed by the copious chocolate chip cookie-type recipes I experiment with, I love making cookies.  Something about the dough and the seemingly endless amounts of things you can add to them makes me feel all warm and gooey inside (or maybe its all the cookie dough I eat that makes me feel warm and gooey…I can’t tell).  Either way, I have several recipes that I go to when the urge to bake cookies strikes.

Which recipe I use depends on the amount of time I have (my favorite recipes require chilling the dough) and the consistency I want the cookies to be.  So, when my husband asked me if I would hastily make some birthday cookies for one of the guys working on the new shop with him, I knew I needed to use this recipe for yummy cookies done quick.  It’s my “go to” recipe when I need to have chocolate chip cookies ASAP.   And, of course, you can add almost anything to them!



I like this recipe because since there is NO BUTTER (gasp! What? Don’t worry…shortening to the rescue) the cookies don’t splay out all over the place.  Since these were to be birthday cookies, I felt extremely compelled to make them extra special.  So instead of just chocolate chips, I added….

  • dark chocolate chips
  • white chocolate chips
  • butterscotch chips
  • mini m&ms
  • and sprinkles (the long, confetti looking ones).

And because I felt they weren’t celebratory enough, I dipped the tops in some more sprinkles (non pareils).  Of course all good things deserve a name, thus I’m dubbing them “Double Sprinkle Loaded Birthday Cookies.”



Here are some tips on this basic recipe for chocolate chip cookies (or Double Sprinkle Loaded Birthday Cookies if you are a crazy party animal like me):

1) Use butter flavored shortening instead of regular shortening.  I’ve tried both ways and the butter flavored shortening makes all the difference.

2) Take cookies out when still soft looking.  Since they are thin, they get crispy fast.

3) When adding all the “stuff” make sure not to overload it, but don’t skimp either!  Add a few things at a time and mix them in by hand so you can adjust your additives.  You could always measure your ingredients so the total is close to the 2 cups originally called for…but that is so not walking on the wild side!

What are some of your favorite things to add to cookies??  I always appreciate inspiration beyond my own baking cupboard.


New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies



I believe everyone has a Holy Grail of some sorts in their life – you know, something they chase after but never seem to find.  For me that is the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.  There are so many out there with so many different ingredient options!  I stumbled up on this recipe for New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies yesterday (let’s be honest, there was no stumling – it was Pinterest).  I was intrigued by the specific ingredient measurements (like 1 cup of flour minus 1 tablespoon), so I decided to give this recipe a try.  Sure glad I did, too.  I’m dubbing it “Damn Near The Most Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.”

Why, you ask?  The use of coarse sea salt gives them that extra layer of flavor.  Who doesn’t like a little sweet and salty?  The use of cake flour AND bread flour (no all purpose here!) makes them chewy with a crisp bottom and refrigerating it for 24 hours (or just overnight if you’re  like me and have no patience) really keeps the dough from spreading into huge flat cookies upon baking.  Have I mentioned that they taste incredible?  Because they do.  They taste exactly like I would expect “Damn Near The Most Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie” to taste.  And so did the cookie dough.



Print out this recipe (from the original site, Baked By Rachel) and make sure you purchase both bread flour and cake flour before embarking on this recipe.  My tip on shopping: look for cake flour in a box, not a bag.  It took me 2 trips to the store the first time I needed cake flour because I failed to look for a box of flour the first time.


Next impossible task…keeping cookie dough in the refrigerator for 24 hours without doing this repeatedly…



Which is why I made mine yesterday around 2:30pm and baked them this morning at 9:30.  Cookies came out fine and I didn’t eat more than one or two cookies worth of dough while waiting (to be fair, I was very busy yesterday evening).  I also got lazy and didn’t roll my cookies into balls as instructed by the recipe.  Bristol (my darling 3 month old daughter who is down and out with some bug or another right now) fell asleep in my arms and I didn’t want to risk setting her down and waking her.  So, I only had one hand to make the cookie balls with.  This cheater method (my favorite cookie helping tool, a large scooper) worked just fine, although I had to let the dough get a little softer before I could dig into it.



Simply put, these cookies are worth a go round if you feel like trying a little bit of a different method for baking Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I personally managed not to muck it up too badly, which speaks volumes. 🙂


Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookie Trial


If you can’t tell from recipes I’ve posted, I enjoy baking.  Bread, cookies, cakes and so on.  So, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I go crazy trying recipes I find on Pinterest.  While scanning through my pinned recipes yesterday, I stumbled upon and amazing baking blog, Sally’s Baking Addiction.  I was instantly sucked in by her amazing photos, creative recipes and use of sprinkles in almost every recipe.  I immediately located all the sprinkles I had in my baking cabinet, selected a recipe and began baking.

 Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies were my maiden recipe from this blog.  Good decision.  The thing I like about Sally’s blog is that she creates, tests and photographs all of her own stuff.  Originality definitely pays off because the incorporation of cake mix into these cookies makes them totally irresistible.  Trust me…I’ve eaten 2 since I started writing this.  I can only imagine how crazy amazing the rest of her concoctions are.


I made the cookie batter, subbing in shortening for butter.  Using the recommended technique of rolling the cookie dough taller rather than wider, I piled huge globs of cookie dough onto my parchment lined sheet.  They looked so beautiful in their doughy glory…sprinkles and all!


Unfortunately, this is what they came out looking like.  Delicious, but hardly photo worthy.


So, I put less cookies on the sheet, still using tall balls.  Same outcome.


I guess these cookies are happier in a crowd! However, I accept full responsibility for this small flub in cookie baking.  Here’s what I should have done differently:

1) Followed the recipe and used butter instead of shortening!

2) Not used so much cookie dough for each cookie.  I guess I was greedy and wanted huge cookies so I could tell myself that eating only 1 cookie would be enough (which it wasn’t anyway, due to the deliciousness of these hummers!)

3) Use parchment paper!  I got lazy with my last 4 cookies and threw them directly on the cookie sheet.  Bad idea.


Aesthetics aside, let me tell you…these cookies are to die for!  They really do taste like cake mix, the texture is more chewy than a regular chocolate chip cookie and the sprinkles that I thought were only for decoration actually add a second tiny crunch to each bite.  How come I never tried this before?  Party in your mouth, I tell you.  Party. In. Your mouth.


So, the take home message here (besides to follow directions) is to check out Sally’s Blog, try this recipe, try her other recipes (and report back to me!) and buy some sprinkles.  If you are suffering from dreary weather as we are here in Iowa, your day could probably benefit from some sprinkly (is that a word?), fun, deliciousness!

Spreading the Love on Valentines Day

I love having an excuse to bake (have I said that before??).  And I feel that holidays like Valentines Day are made just for baking and sharing!  I had grandiose visions of making sweet Valentines for all of Evan’s cousins and sending care packages out, but February has been so busy…it just got away from me!  I did, however, make three (why am I so honest with you?  I should say I made about a dozen of these, but I’m a horrible liar.). 


I accompanied my little love notes with mini Sour Cream Pound Cakes (I divided the batter and baked it in 4 mini loaf pans), adding some red food coloring and sprinkles.  Of course, I made an extra one…the chef needed to have a sample!

I also whipped up some Peanut Butter cookies and substituted chocolate hearts for the Hershey’s Kisses.  These I gave away to the daycare ladies at the gym and some friends.  And myself.  Quite a few to myself, actually.

I’m off now to prep supper as best I can so I have plenty of free time to enjoy my 3 Valentine guys tonight (JJ, Evan and, of course, the pooch, Jimmy!).  On our menu: Steaks, mashed potatoes, asparagus, wedge salads and chocolate souffle’s (my first attempt on the last item).  Happy Valentines Day to you all!  Now go eat some chocolate…there are no calories in it on February 14th!