My Perfect Tube Maxi For Summer

I am not a fashion-ista by any measure.

I love pre-worn clothes and 2-year-old flip flops.  I  wear jeans all the time, even when it’s 95 and humid.  I never wear shorts and I often wear workout clothes to run errands so people think I just worked out instead of assuming the truth (I haven’t showered that day and all my other clothes are still in the washing machine).

Probably twice in my life has someone come up to me and said “Oh I love what you’re wearing.” And both those times, it was probably my mom trying to make me feel good (I’m exaggerating here, but you get the point).

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a healthy appreciation for functional, comfortable clothing that doesn’t make me look destitute.  Can’t I be comfy and cute?? So, when I find something that works for me, I go with it!

Living on a farm and staying at home all day with kids means 2 things:

1.) Getting dirty is inevitable.

2.) It does not pay off to put effort daily into my appearance because the horses, bugs and kids don’t care (and my husband never notices).

This is the first post in my “Farm Chic” category. My aim is to share with you what works for me and why.  Clothing, decor, TV shows, bathroom products, adult beverages, etc.  Pretty much miscellaneous and then some.

To kick this off, I’m sharing a dress that I recently bought in 3 different colors (because that’s how I roll…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – just buy it in different colors!).

The Old Navy’s Tube Maxi is comfy and pretty.  It comes in many colors and patterns, too!  I like it because you can wear it during the day or dress it up for an evening out (although the cotton material is a little casual looking for any formal affair).  It’s also a great dress to throw on over your suit and head to the pool (or pond if you live the farm life like I do).




Super cute, right??

And I’m obsessed with these tube dresses this summer for several reasons:

1 .) I hate tan lines.  Nothing makes me feel less pretty than big white ‘seasonal tattoos’ draped all over my shoulders.

2.) I am still nursing Bristol so easy access is really handy.

3.) This particular dress doesn’t fall down.  It has plenty of hold at the top to keep you from having to constantly jerk it up (but not so much that it’s uncomfortable or too tight).  I can even lift babies over my head without fear of a ‘loose cannon’! *photo below*

4.) Drawstring waist = slender look

5.) These dresses are cheap! (The long one is $25. The short one is $15.)


So, there you have it.  My fashion recommendation of sorts.  Tube-tastic!

What do you wear the heck out of during the summer?

The Secret to Iced Coffee (Keurig style)


I enjoy coffee.  I drink it in the morning.  I drink it in the afternoon.  I drink it in the evening (unless I’m drinking wine….which – truthfully – is more often the case).

And ever since my awesome husband got me a Keruig brewer for Christmas, I have been able to craft the perfect cup in seconds…making my coffee moments that much more perfect. *cue Folgers theme song*

But, it’s hot outside now (at long last after a chilly, wet spring) and I’m finding that a steamy cup of joe is not on my list of comfortable beverages in the sun.  Thank goodness for modern appliances that allow us ice.

Iced coffee in the Keurig is very easy…as everything is with one of these.  Fill a glass with
ice.  I use a  16oz reusable Starbucks cup. (I’m pretty sure that putting homemade coffee into Starbucks containers makes it taste that much more fancy.  It probably has nothing to do with the Starbucks Blond Roast that I’ve been drinking lately).


Choose your K-cup or fill your reusable K-cup with the coffee of your choice.  No need to purchase the special iced coffee k-cups, unless you want to.  I recommend getting one of these little hummers if you don’t have one already…IcedCoffee4 Drinking Keurig coffee becomes much more affordable when you use bagged coffee in the reusable cup over the prepackaged K-cups.  And I think it tastes better because you can use fresh ground coffee.  But I digress…

Brew your coffee using the 6oz beverage size on the machine.

Add your goodies.  I am currently hooked on 1 packet of Splenda and a splash of low-fat Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss in Vanilla.


This is where you can stop reading and go make a delicious iced coffee OR you can read on and discover the easy secret to a perfect iced coffee. (It’s really not a secret at all…but it sounds so much more romantic that way!) 

Regular ice tends to make iced coffee drinks too watery and I find myself saying “ew” by about halfway though.  The solution? Coffee ice cubes!  Genius.


These are fool proof, but here’s the rundown:

Make a cup of coffee (brew it strong for the cubes) and pour it into ice cube trays.IcedCoffee1

If you want special coffee, only fill the trays half way and add a small splash of Bailey’s to each cube (now we’re talking!!).


Freeze them overnight and the result is the perfect coffee cube to accompany your tasty summer beverage.


A tip here when ‘assembling’ this: To avoid my coffee cubes melting completely right away, I usually brew my coffee over a small cup of regular ice (just a few cubes don’t water it down too much) or make it and place it in the refrigerator to cool before adding the coffee cubes to my drink.

Now the only hard part is deciding what you want to put in your drink!


Water Fun

Our boy is half fish.  Or, amphibian, I should say.  He loves anything water…puddles, dog dishes, hoses and – in recent days – a water table and the farm pond.  I took these pictures yesterday and Sunday…80 degree weather calls such activities!!  Please enjoy these shots of my shirtless son in his Target brand diapers (*fist pump*).

Ok…this picture is, obviously, a little off–theme, but I made this bread after all of our water play.  Nothing like a carb-overload to really feel like you’ve rewarded yourself.  And believe me…I needed a reward.  It took 2 baths to get all the sand out of Evan’s hair.